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Cohen, DFO, First Nations, Trudeau and Morton

Cohen, DFO, First Nations, Trudeau and Morton

Watershed Watch has put together a comprehensive critique on the update of the implementation of the 2012 Cohen Commission recommendations. The article posted by Ian Hinkle on

As things continue to heat up for Fisheries and Oceans Canada with Minister LeBlanc’s Cohen Inquiry recommendations, Hinkle’s article states that it’s “a small step in the right direction, but it is clear that he (LeBlanc) will need to take a firm hand with DFO if he expects them to deliver on the Cohen recommendations.”

Which is now very unlikely to happen as reported yesterday by the National Observer that LeBlanc, the fisheries minister has been reassigned from House leader to chairing a new cabinet committee on litigation management.

In addition “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has removed Global Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion from the environment, climate change and energy committee which he chaired.” The removal of these two key figures who are known to be renowned activists for the environment and climate action come at a tumultuous time.

Trudeau’s committee intends to present a national strategy on climate change which would include an implementation of a national cost on carbon pollution.  It is unlikely that Trudeau’s committee will recommend to factor the social cost of carbon on people worldwide as recommended by an American court earlier this month.  With the removal of LeBlanc and Dion who have used their voice of support who will be left to effectively deal with the aquaculture industry’s lobbyists.

To further put pressure on, the First Nation of Dzawada’enuxw has served eviction notices to the Japanese owned fish farms on their traditional lands. “The three Dzawada’enuxw traditional leaders that live in their homelands of U’kwa’nalis at the head of Kingcome Inlet stand on this farm in Li’xi (Burdwood Islands) to put the federal and provincial government of Canada and the salmon farming corporations on notice that we the Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw are the ultimate authority in our traditional lands and waters.” The eviction notices give three months for the fish farms to move out.

What will be the outcome, will Tradeau honour the court ruling that First Nations are sovereign on their traditional ancestral lands or will the majority foreign owned aquaculture industry have the last say? Or will the First Nation’s stand their ground and force the much needed change.

In 2014 Scott Renyard chronologically and succinctly relayed all the facts as to how we have gotten to this point.  His internationally award winning documentary  The Pristine Coast (which you can watch here) is a detailed report on how we have gotten here and showcases Alexandra Morton who has been heading this battle for over a decade.

Alexandra has been making a lot of headway recently as she has embarked aboard Sea Shepherd’s boat the Martin Sheen and its world renowned environmental pirates.  Her findings are being reported on her blog as she sails along the coast debunking the aquacultures explanations for the numerous plights facing our wild Salmon.