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Exclusive Premiere: The Unofficial Trial of Alexandra Morton

City of New Westminster, Juggernaut Pictures and the National Canadian Film Day are happy to premiere Scott Renyard’s latest documentary.

New Westminster B.C. April 10, 2017, Juggernaut Pictures is hosting an exclusive premiere screening of Scott Renyard’s latest documentary, The Unofficial Trial of Alexandra Morton.

On Wednesday, April 19th at The City of New Westminster’s Anvil Center’s theatre join us for a conversation with Alexandra Morton and Scott Renyard before and after the show.

Seating is limited, so come early. Doors will open at 6 pm and the film will start at 7 pm.

The Unofficial Trial of Alexandra Morton features footage of the Inquiry led by Justice Bruce Cohen and investigates the crash of 19 stocks of Fraser River sockeye over a 15 year period. Alexandra Morton is a respected biologist who has spent decades studying wild salmon and published numerous scientific papers and books. This documentary follows the exchange in the courtroom as lawyers for industry and government focus on discrediting her work, attempting to undermine years of her advocacy. The exchange does not go to their favour, and instead troubling undercurrents are revealed in this public interest film.

Scott Renyard is a seasoned filmmaker and a scientist who combines his passions to write, produce and direct award winning ecological documentaries. “The Unofficial Trial of Alexandra Morton” follows Scott’s international award winning documentary “The Pristine Coast” which launched at the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival. Both films are focused on the many issues facing the survival of wild fish along the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Scott is a long-time New Westminster resident who is excited to premiere his latest film, as part of the National Canadian Film Day celebrations, right in his home town.  Renyard is the founder of Juggernaut Pictures and the new streaming service, The Green Channel.

Juggernaut Pictures is a Canadian production company that produces films and series with a focus on environmental stories.

The Green Channel is an SVOD streaming service about to launch and founded by Scott Renyard with a focus on environmental content.